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Selection of Honami Yano''s short films

Milky Ways (Gyūnyū no fumoto) 2016/8 min.; Chromosome Sweetheart (Senshokutai no koibito) 2017/5 min.; Sunset Train (Yūyake) 2021/3 min.; Are You Here, Ser Brunetto? - (Brunetto sensei, koko ni oide deshita ka?) 2021/4 min; A Bite of Bone (Honekami) 2021/10 min.

In the presence of director Yano Honami, interviewed by Marco Del Bene.


Yano Honami was born in 1991 on a small island in Setonaikai, the Inland Sea of Japan. She discovered independent animation at the Rhode Island School of Design, which she attended while studying abroad.


She studied under Yamamura Kōji at the Graduate School of Film and Media - Tokyo University of the Arts, then worked as a researcher for three years. Her end-of-study project is Chromosome Sweetheart (2017), followed by A Bite of Bone (2021), produced by Yamamura Kōji and winner of the first prize for short animated film at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. She currently works for Nagoya University as a teacher and researcher.

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