The 18th edition of the Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest - Ravenna Film Festival reaches its conclusion with the traditional awarding of the coveted prizes: the Golden Ring for Best Feature Film and the Silver Ring for Best Short Film. Both created by Master Goldsmith Marco Gerbella from Ravenna represent the recognition of the ranking drawn up on the basis of the audience's votes. In addition, for the Feature Film section only, the Critics' Award, assigned by a selected jury of journalists, film critics and audiovisual professionals to the Best Director of the International Feature Film Competition, is also presented. Instead, in the other category, the winner of the International Short Film Competition will receive a cash prize worth of 1,000 euros in addition to the ring.

On Sunday, November 8, 2020 the last act of the Festival conceived and directed by Franco Calandrini went on stage. 

Critics' Award for Best Director of the International Feature Film Competition assigned to: Woman of the photographs by Takeshi Kushidawith an honorable mention to Luz: the Flower of Evil by Juan Diego Escobar Alzate. 


We’ve decided that the winner of the International Feature Film Competition is Woman Of The Photographs, for the gentle style that characterizes it and the strong and penetrating look. A movie that thanks to the geometrical and intriguing aesthetic manages to portray and convey both an ecstatic and uneasy feeling like an enchantment.- say the members of the jury- we think that also Luz: the Flower of Evil needs to be officially mentioned form the jury for the bravery that characterizes the direction. A movie between a pop and a visionary look, and this will not be the last time you’ll hear about it thanks to its poetic aura, mysticism and violence.”

One day, a misogynistic, middle-aged photographer and retouch artist Kai meets Kyoko, a beautiful model with a huge, horrible scar on her body. Taking advantage of the photographer's manipulation skills, Kyoko would like to erase the scar in photographs of herself and create a perfect and flawless body. Dazzled by her new look, she nevertheless hesitate in showing the world and her fans the photographs, different from her real self, without scars and all. Torn between the two selves, she falls into the most desperate confusion. Kai, implicitly guilty, knows he is the only one able to save Kyoko from her anguish, and is determined to love her at all costs. 


 Takeshi Kushida was born in 1982 and he has been a member of Pyramidfilm in Tokyo. He made a feature debut with Woman Of The Photographs.


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