The festival continues on Tuesday 3rd November with another day packed with special guests and thrilling events.

The day kicks off at 4pm with Ottobre Giapponese (Japanese October). This segment is realised in collaboration with A.S.C.I.G, the Cultural Exchange Association between Japan and Italy, and aims to showcase productions by the masters of Japanese cinema to an Italian audience. Marco Del Bene, A.S.C.I.G founder and president, will firstly introduce the works of Oscar-nominated director Koji Yamamura, whose mastery has earned him the nickname of Master of Form. Enfant prodige of animation and visionary author, Yamamura achieved international fame in 2002 with the masterpiece Atama-yama (Mt.Head), which was nominated for the 2003 Academy Awards and won the Best Short Film Award at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in the same year. The festival is thrilled to offer a unique selection of acclaimed shorts by Yamamura, Atama-yama, The Old crocodile, Satie's Parade and Dreams into Drawing.



At 7pm the festival continues with the segment Contemporanea, which focus on contemporary works and this year honors pulp director and visionary Donato Sansone, a master of the surreal and the grotesque. Join us for an unmissable opportunity to enjoy Sansone’s best-acclaimed and terrifying shorts, which will be preceded by an interview with the director, conducted by programmer Mariangela Sansone.

At 9pm the segment Celebrazioni will pay homage to the great authors of the past, who contributed to the artistic awakening of the country. After Dante Alighieri, it is now the turn of Federico Fellini. To mark the centenary of Fellini’s birth, the festival has selected Fellini Fine Mai, by Eugenio Cappuccio, author, director and screenwriter, whom not only has won the Golden Ciak Award but also had the opportunity to meet Fellini in his last years on set. Cappuccio celebrates the Master from Rimini with some never-before-seen footage, to reveal new and curious insights into Fellini’s life. 

Each film is available for 48 hours after the scheduled screening time, except Dante's Hell and Inferno Dantesco Animato, which will be available for the whole duration of the Festival.


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