Before submitting your film, please read carefully the Festival Regulation.
Ravenna Nightmare receives every year almost 3000 films for selection, 2500 of these are short films.
These figures are constantly growing.
We thank all the directors and producers that trust us sending their films to Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest’s selection.
In order to give the best care to the films and to improve our selection process, sumissions of short films are now charged with a fee of 10,00 €. The award for Best Short Film is 1.000,00 €

Original Title

After having paid on PayPal website, click on the link at the bottom of the page to go back to our website and submit your short film.

Special Fee for Multiple Submissions: 10€/4 short films.
Considering the high request for participation from film schools and institutions, we established a special fee for multiple submissions from the same school/institution.
Please refer to the following procedure:
  1. Submit one short film by filling out Short Film Entry Form on Ravenna Nightmare’s website and pay 10€ fee.
  2. After completing the payment, send an email to info@ravennanightmare.it specifying titles of 4 short films (including the one submitted via Entry Form) with info, screening links and passwords to view the films.
  3. Repeat the same procedure every 4 short films.

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