Special guest of the sixteenth edition will be the writer and magistrate Giancarlo De Cataldo, on November 2nd at 6 pm at the Palazzo del Cinema on the occasion of the meeting conducted by Nevio Galeati, artistic director of the Literary Festival GialloLuna NeroNotte. Intertwined for two years, even if independent, the link between the two Festivals dedicated to the darker side of the best cinematographic and literary production continues this year.


After the 18.00 meeting, De Cataldo will be present at the Rasi Theater on the occasion of the theater show Gul by and with Gemma Carbone, of which he is one of the writers. Gul, in Swedish, means yellow, like the murder, in 1986 in Sweden, of Prime Minister Olof Palme, a charismatic and courageous political leader. A cold case to date unsolved, returned through a mosaic of testimonies and events to return to this forgotten history of our contemporaneity different keys to reading.


Author of numerous successes - De Cataldo in his pages explores the most hidden and turbid corners of the past and current crime of the country, evoking scenarios and images that interact with cinema in a natural way. The film directed by Michele Placido and the television series "già cult" by Stefano Sollima was taken from Romanzo Criminale. Criminal story focused on building speculation that wants to transform the Roman coast into a new Las Vegas, Suburra, signed with Carlo Bonini, has seen an inversion of trend, with Sollima who directed the feature-length film inspired by the novel, while Placido , together with Andrea Molaioli to Giuseppe Capotondi, has signed the direction of the first Italian television series produced by Netflix.

Giancarlo De Cataldo (Taranto 1956) is a magistrate, dramatist, screenwriter. For Einaudi Stile libero he published: Teneri assassini (2000); Crime Novel (2002 and 2013); Nero come il cuore (2006, his debut novel); Nele mani giuste (2007); Onora il padre. Quarto comandamento (2008); Il padre e lo straniero (2010); with Mimmo Rafele, La forma della paura (2009); Trilogia criminale (2009); I Traditori (2010); with Andrea Camilleri and Carlo Lucarelli, Giudici (2011); Io sono Libanese (2012 and 2013); with Massimo Carlotto and Gianrico Carofiglio, Cocaina (2013); Giochi criminali (2014, with Maurizio de Giovanni, Diego De Silva and Carlo Lucarelli); Nell'ombra e nella luce (2014); with Carlo Bonini, Suburra (latest edition, SL 2017) and La notte di Roma (2015); with Steve Della Casa and Giordano Saviotti, the graphic novel Acido fenico (2016); in 2018 he published L'agente del caos. He edited the anthologies Crimini (2005) and Crimini italiani (2008). His stories also appear in the anthologies The Dark Side (2006) and Omissis (2007). After the successful film version of Michele Placido, between 2008 and 2009 Sky aired a TV series inspired by Romanzo criminale. For Rizzoli he published L'India, l'elefante e me (2008) and In giustizia (2011), both available in BUR and Il combattente (2014).

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