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MEN & CHICKEN  - Mænd & Høns

Anders Thomas Jensen
2015  Danimarca Germania  100'
Cast: David Dencik, Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Anteprima nazionale

Screenplay Anders Thomas Jensen
Producer Kim Magnusson, Tivi Magnusson
Photography Sebastian Blenkov
Editor Anders Villadsen
Music Jeppe Kaas, Frans Bak
Producer Company M&M Productions, DCM Productions (co-production), Studio Babelsberg (co-production)
Distribution Walt Disney Compay Nordic

The film revolves around two special-natured brothers, Elias and Gabriel. Upon their father’s passing, the two brothers, who are not very fond of each other, find out through the father’s will, that they are adopted. Despite their disagreements, Elias and Gabriel decide to seek out their natural father and set out to the island where their father lives. Meanwhile, a surprise awaits Elias and Gabriel there. Surrounded by the island’s many odd personalities Elias and Gabriel discover a most paralysing, yet liberating truth about themselves and their family.

Screenwriter, director. Born 6 April 1972. Self-taught. A phenomenon of creativity and originality, Anders Thomas Jensen won an Oscar in 1999 for his short fiction film Election Night and has since written more than 25 features in a wide variety of genres, including collaborations with directors Susanne Bier, Lone Scherfig and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen. Jensen wrote the screenplay for Susanne Bier's In a Better World (2010), which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011. Jensen's own feature films, characterized by dark humour and comical contrasts, create their own universe in which immature and self-deceiving men confront each other, often violently. In his highly popular directorial debut Flickering Lights (2000), a gang of bumbling criminals join forces to open a restaurant. The macabre The Green Butchers (2003) is about two young butchers selling human flesh on the sly. Even more ambitious is Adam's Apples (2005). Taking off from the Biblical tale of Job, a sorely tried minister and a neo-Nazi form an odd friendship in a fable about the power of evil and the necessity of fellowship. As a screenwriter, Jensen commands an impressive range, from laddish pop to wittily poignant satire and sensitive melodrama, marked always by an uncommon sense of dramatic momentum and a pitch-perfect ear for dialogue. Jensen in 2003 was awarded an Honorary Bodil Award for his overall achievement in Danish film.

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