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Italian capital of horror cinema

28 October / 4 November 2012 – 10th edition – Cinema Corso, Via di Roma 51 - Ravenna, Italy


Direction Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Year 2011
Nation Spagna
Duration 11'



You have been thinking about leaving for years. Look at the photo. Again. You know where it is. A pigsty. Go. Kill him. Don't talk, say nothing. Whiskey. It's midnight. He can't explain it. She can't either. This city is rotten.

Director biography


Born in Bilbao, 1974. Graduate in International Trade. He has lived in England and Germany. He is a member of Basque Films production company, where he directs commercials. He is currently developing his first feature film project.

Screenplay Egoitz Moreno
Producer Carlos Juárez, Mónica Ausín, Mario Suances
Cast Martxelo Rubio, Joseba Apaolaza, Ana Caleya, Mikel Martín
Producer Company Basque Films, Peccata Minuta
Distribution Kimuak Filmoteca Vasca

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