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Italian capital of horror cinema

28 October / 4 November 2012 – 10th edition – Cinema Corso, Via di Roma 51 - Ravenna, Italy


Direction Sam
Year 2011
Nation Spagna
Duration 22'


When Alfredo dies without revealing to his wife the hiding place of fabulous lottery fortune, Vicenta looking everywhere to realize at the end that the only way to find out it is just ask to her deceased husband.

Director biography

Conflictivos Productions founder Sam is an independent filmmaker with short-films as Encarna, Hermetico, Kriters, The Werepig. Vicenta is his most ambitious project: the first re-animation short film in Stop Motion. He is currently preparing his first feature film

Screenplay Sam
Producer Direzione artisica / Art Direction: Diego Soriano, Sam
Cast Animazione / Animation: David Caballer, Sam
Producer Company Conflictivos Productions
Distribution Conflictivos Productions

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