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Italian capital of horror cinema

28 October / 4 November 2012 – 10th edition – Cinema Corso, Via di Roma 51 - Ravenna, Italy


Direction Lorcan Finnegan
Year 2012
Nation Irelan
Duration 15'


A young couple is trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes. The two are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world, a world of the paranormal or perhaps insanity.

Director biography

After studying in Dublin, Lorcan moved to London to work for the production company Zeppotron as a motion designer, editor and later as a director. In 2004 he moved back to Dublin to set up his own studio under the name Lovely Productions. Since then Lorcan has written and directed several award winning short films, TV commercials and music videos.

Screenplay Garret Shanley
Producer Brunella Cocchiglia
Cast Marie Ruane, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Producer Company Lovely Productions
Distribution Lovely Productions

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